Social Equity


Selling A Cake Is Not Speech

Walking out on stage to present a cake to a waiting audience is speech—a form of expression.

Publishing a statement along with a cake is speech—it's a statement, which is speech.

Advertising that you produced a particular cake is speech—again, you're making a statement to the public.

None of these things lead to the ludicrous conclusion that privately producing and delivering a cake to a business client is speech.

A person cannot compel you to make a statement to them.  When you ask someone to repeat something to you and you alone, you know full well your own involvement.  You can't force someone to misrepresent themselves to you because you won't be lead to believe anything about the situation.

When a person pays you to produce a cake and deliver it to them, you're not being compelled to make a statement—you're being paid to give them the means to make a statement, for which they lack their own skill.  You're engaging in a private transaction between yourself and another party, and nothing more than that.

Shunning is a powerful thing:  a society can kill a person by simply refusing to transact with them.  Refusing to allow women to purchase makes them dependent on men for survival; refusing to hire transgendered means they all become beggars.  Protection from discrimination is an imperative in a functional society, or else certain classes of people will have their rights stripped away simply for people's social prejudices.

We must protect the rights of all who are born in, live in, or just come to our country to fair and equal treatment in employment, in housing, in the right to run for office, and in the right to buy a cake in any size, shape, or color they damned well please.


  • Abortion should be legal
  • Birth control and IUDs should be covered by all insurance
  • Paid family leave, plus disability
  • "Crisis pregnancy centers" need to go away; that's not about serving people, but about pushing their ideals onto people to prevent them from getting help
  • Pharmacists should be allowed to prescribe birth control products and emergency contraception
  • Colleges should provide access to prophylaxis, emergency contraception, proper sexual education, medical testing for STDs, NEPs, and counseling
  • Medicaid and the Public Option should cover emergency contraception and birth control, including birth control pills and IUDs
  • Prison reform must include access to appropriate medical care for inmates
  • Healthcare centers must be sanctuary spaces:  nobody should face special risks to get the care they need


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