Social Equity

Today's conservatives complain of the moral decay of society in the acceptance of abortion, women's rights, sexual freedom, gay marriage, and other deviant behavior.  They assume that because a behavior deviates from the traditional value system, it must be morally reprehensible.

Social democrats and those of other socially-liberal philosophies are instead generally sensitized to a greater range of moral concerns than previous generations.  Rather than relating moral concerns to traditional values or traditional legislation of lifestyle, liberal social philosophies focus on the morality of imposing one's will upon another, of allowing one person to dictate what is acceptable for the next.

Conservatives believe, for example, that women are not independent, and should marry and be supported by men—thus can receive lower wages, more-expensive healthcare, and less consideration in the workplace, as the man of the house takes care of their needs.  They believe in strong family values, including traditional relationships, entered in at the traditional time, to produce children at the traditional age; homosexuals, career women who delay until their thirties, and other deviations from these traditional ideals are considered moral decay.

In a sense, the efforts to enforce these values are no different from the practice of arranged marriage.  Society needs more than just prison reform to provide proper care for women's reproductive needs and medical needs in general; we need more than  coverage for emergency contraception, birth control pills, and IUDs by private insurers, Medicaid, and the Public Option.  We need acceptance of the diverse needs of individuals, and tolerance for those who differ from our sense of normal behavior or our own ideals of "correct" behavior.

[Work in progress]

  • Abortion should be legal
  • Birth control and IUDs should be covered by all insurance
  • Paid family leave, plus disability
  • "Crisis pregnancy centers" need to go away; that's not about serving people, but about pushing their ideals onto people to prevent them from getting help
  • Pharmacists should be allowed to prescribe birth control products and emergency contraception
  • Colleges should provide access to prophylaxis, emergency contraception, proper sexual education, medical testing for STDs, NEPs, and counseling
  • Medicaid and the Public Option should cover emergency contraception and birth control, including birth control pills and IUDs
  • Prison reform must include access to appropriate medical care for inmates
  • Healthcare centers must be sanctuary spaces:  nobody should face special risks to get the care they need


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