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Medicare for All - You've Got the Right Idea!

Hi John, As a resident of Ellicott City and a student at UMBC, I urge you to support Medicare for All. It is not quite as immediate an overhaul of the healthcare system as it may seem to be at first glimpse: The system is estimated to save $17 trillion over the next 10 years: And Medicare for all is a winning issue, especially since Medicare is one of the most popular programs in the country: An estimated 45,000 of my fellow Americans die every year because of a lack of access to basic healthcare, and thousands have to file for medical bankruptcy every year. Almost all other modern nations have some form or another of single payer and thus don't have to deal with people dying because of a lack of access to care or any form of medical bankruptcy. All these single-payer nations rank ahead of us in various studies, such as those done by the Commonwealth Fund: We're not asking for something that hasn't already been done. And in some of these countries, like France, they even have single payer, which covers everybody, mixed with supplemental private insurance, which means that many of us who do like private insurance could still keep it if we want. I respect any disagreement you may have on this issue. The most critical part of democracy is being able to respectfully converse, disagree, and live at peace with others. And I think an investigation like you're espousing would be very useful. But I believe that, based solely on the facts, studies, and lives that it could save, universal healthcare is an immediate need for Maryland and the country as a whole. Thank you for acknowledging my message. I greatly appreciate it!

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It'll help you if you also joined Act Blue...

John Moser for Md07 posted an official response

I do have an ActBlue, but haven't set it up.  I'll look into continuing that and integrating it this weekend.

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